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Bruce D. Popp, PhD

Independent Translator—Patent Translation Specialist

USPTO Registered Patent Agent

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Certified Translator for French into English

Award-winning translator of Henri Poincaré.
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And author in history of physics.
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I perform premium quality translations of patents and patent applications, and related documents involving: prosecution, opposition and litigation (prior art, filings, pleadings, notices, office actions, opinions of the search authority, briefs, court and administrative decisions, and expert witness reports).

I am available as an expert witness on the subject of accuracy of patents translated from French into English.

I provide relevant statements and declarations, including statements of accuracy required by Title 37 CFR 1.52(d)(1).

I am also interested in the mathematical and scientific writings of Henri Poincaré. I translated Sur le problème des trois corps et les équations de dynamique by Henri Poincaré and it was published in 2017 by Springer, catalog entry. My second book, Henri Poincaré: Electrons to Special Relativity, is part translation of key papers by Poincaré about electrodynamics of charged particles, and part original writing about the discovery of the electron and the consequent need for a particle-based theory of electrodynamics. Springer Nature published this book in August 2020, catalog entry. I am now working on a third book, tentatively titled Henri Poincaré at the First Solvay Conference , about Poincaré's developing attitude towards quanta of radiant energy that is seen as definitive proof that radiant energy must be quantized. Please see my pages on Poincaré.

Winner of the 2017 S. Edmund Berger Prize

Bruce D. Popp with Berger Prize Certificate
Bruce D. Popp with Berger Prize Certificate